De Zonnegloed

2D Animation social media campaign for VZW De Zonnegloed, I had the change to explore Rigging!

In my last year Digital Design & Development I got an assignment to work fulltime for 5 weeks. I had to find a non-profit organisation based in Belgium, find their pain points & make a digital solution for it!

My non-profit organisation is VZW De Zonnegloed, an animal sanctuary helping animals in distress. Their biggest pain point is a lack of volunteers. I created a high fidelity prototype for a Social Media Campaign for De Zonnegloed.


Motion Design.

The first weeks I did some primary and secondary research about social media usage in the target group, being people between 16 and 23 years old. Then I chose 3 animals saved by De Zonnegloed and made a video of their stories to affect the target group emotionally and convince them to help!

The focus in this project is to discover and research rigging tools such as RubberHose and Duik Bassel 2. It was my first acquaintance with rigging and therefore a challenging ride!

Behind the scenes.

want to see some behind the scenes? Check my Behance!

The Hub.

Every post on social media is forwarded to a landing page (both in the video and in the caption). This website becomes a hub where you can review all the videos and find more information about becoming a volunteer.

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