Design for a full service travel brand.


This project was made for our thesis in the 2nd year of Digital Design & Development. The assignment was to develop a digital solution for a specific target group that cannot travel because of the Covid-19 crisis. In a team of 4 students we were given 30 days to bring this project to a successful working solution.


After an in-depth investigation, we decided to focus on couples who planned to go on a jubileum vacation during the Covid-19 crisis. We combined our primary and secondary research, aas well as our pain points, design principles, concept determination, design choices and design process into a design dossier.


For this project we created a service called Halo. We want to offer a perfect solution for couples who saw their anniversary aborted because of the Covid-19 crisis. The couples book an exclusive experience in which they can relive their honeymoon on the occasion of their anniversary.

By means of a fascinating and interactive form we collect as much  data as possible, source material about the most memorable trip of their lives. Based on this content we will create a magical trip down memory lane. The input from the form will be processed in the best possible way  and transformed into a full experience.

After booking (in this form) we will invite the couple to a fixed location which we will dress up according to the wishes of the couple. This experience is accompanied by an interactive app that processes the course material in a personal way. Upon arrival at the location, an iPad with the application will be ready for the couples. Fully personalized and customized, thanks to the given answer during booking.

My role in this project was to take care of everything design and motion related.

Personal designed app



Form: https://halo-devine.be/

App: https://app.halo-devine.be/

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