Bachelor Proef - Digital Boardgame

Play Outside the Box

For my Bachelor Project in my last year of the education Digital Design and Development we (together with Maxim Quidousse) created this project called Play Outside The Box. It is an answer to the research question we received from our client Natuurpunt: “How can we trigger children to play more often outdoors.” So we created a Proof of Concept Digital boardgame that is played outside in your garden or in the nearby forest. Take the Ipad with you and play it with your friends or family. The boardgame challenges the children to interact with the nature around them and it is a good mix of a fun digital boardgame and outdoor activities.

We created 2 teams that formed ‘the red thread’ through the boardgame. For those 2 teams, we created 2 characters who challenged the children with the outdoor activities. Team 1 is a bat, he is very playful and daring, as are his assignments/activities. Team 2 is a bunny and is the opposite. With this method we try to reach a wide range of children, which was a requirement of our client.

With those 2 teams and a lot of other fun game mechanics, the game gets a fully fun experience to play for children. Our focus in our project is animation. We want to bring the characters (and the whole boardgame) to life! This is how we keep the children's attention and make it visually appealing. The outdoor activities are always explained with a short animated film. So the children know what to do. And by completing challenges/activities, they earn points to win the boardgame!

Project Teasers


Game turn

Challenge 2

We worked out 3 challenges.

Challenge 3


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